SRA Combat division shooter has to have following gear while shooting the stage:

-Pistol which shooter is using in the competition (Pistol is carried in the holster which shooter is using in the competition, if pistol is not needed in the stage then the shooter can insert an empty magazine into the pistol with referees permission)

-At least 90 rounds of ammo which are at least in three 30 round magazines
Exception to this are the magazines of rifles which are using ”long” cartridge (for example 7,62×51), in this case magazine of 20 rounds is enough (Shooter needs to carry these when the stage starts)

-At least 30 rounds of ammo which are at least in two magazines
(Shooter needs to carry these when the stage starts)

-At least 1 litre of water (Note: Shooter can drink the water during the competition, however shooter needs to make sure that he/she is carrying at least 1 litre of water while on the stage)

-Knife/multitool (Lenght of the blade has to be at least 90mm)


-Gloves (Color needs to be discreet so that the gloves could be used in military service)

-Sling (Needs to be carried, not necessary attached)

-First aid kit (Has to include at least CAT / tourniquet)

-Plate carrier / Chestrig

-Long sleeved shirt and pants with long leg, color of these clothes needs to be discreet so that those could be used in military service

-Military grade boots which color is dicreet so that those can be used in military service. Shoes needs to be give support to ankle and cover malleolus

-The weight of the gear need to be at least 12kg

Gear what is to be weighted:
(rifle, shotgun, clothes, shoes etc. are not calculated in the weight)

-Pistol the shooter is using

-Plate carrier / Chestrig

-Battle belt / Belt

-Helmet (All the accessories attached to the helmet are also counted into the weight. Note: Hearing protection, googles etc. are not calculated if the shooter doesn’t use helmet)

-All protective vests

-Gear needs to be carried during the stage (listed above)

-All the gear which are carried by the shooter including the knee and elbow pads

General rules

Gear needs to be carried/weared on stage, those can be removed when the shooter is not on the stage. All the mandatory gear needs to be carried/weared while on stage.

It is forbidden to drop mandatory gear while on stage in order to lighten carried gear (Note: While doing quick magazine change it is ok to drop the magazines)

Mandatory gear needs to be accessible so that the shooter can access those with one hand. (For example the 3 mandatory rifle mags needs to be accessed with one hand, but any additional rifle mags can be for example in a backpack)

The stage staff is monitoring the combat division shooters gear and can perform an inspection or measure the weight of the gear if they think the weight is under the 12kg minimum weight.

In the stage briefing it can be instructed that some combat division mandatory gear is not needed on that stage. (For example at a shotgun stage it can be instructed that rifle mags are not needed.)

In case the gear of a combat division shooter is inspected and noticed that the gear is not fulfilling the regulations then the shooter is removed from the combat division. This follows the same principle if shooter in standard division shoots one stage with open division rifle the shooter is automatically changed from standard to open division.